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Lunch Menus



Wolftever Creek’s cafeteria has computerized equipment which assigns each student a numbered account from which he/she deducts breakfast, lunch and a la carte items each day. Students may deposit money into their accounts each morning from 7:50-8:15 am. Parents may deposit money any time before or after the lunch period by seeing the cafeteria manager. We discourage deposits during serving times to prevent delays in the lines. Most families find it convenient to deposit weekly or monthly amounts. Make checks payable to Hamilton County Schools Food services or HCSFS. Please inform your child of your wishes for the purchase of “extra” items (chips, ice cream, extra servings of food, etc.). Occasionally our students will use more of the account than the parent realizes by purchasing extra portions or a la carte items. If you feel your child is “overusing” the money you have allotted, please notify your child’s teacher or the cafeteria manager.

During the 2016-17 school year, Wolftever Creek Elementary is a part of the HCDE CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) Grant. ALL students will receive breakfast and lunch at NO charge.

BREAKFAST: Breakfast starts at 7:50 am. Serving continues until 8:05. This gives those students who choose to eat in the cafeteria the opportunity to complete their meals before class begins. Students who arrive in cars must be here by 8:00 to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. Students will not be excused from tardies because they were eating breakfast. Breakfast prices are as follows: School Adult/HCDE employee- $2.50; Visitor- $2.75; milk- $0.50

Lunch: Our students are assigned a twenty-five minute lunch period. If you wish to eat lunch with your child, please notify the teacher in writing (to include in the lunch count) to allow the cafeteria staff to prepare enough food to accommodate guests. Your teacher will be glad to provide you with the time that your child eats lunch. Lunch prices are as follows: School Adult/HCDE employee- $3.75; Visitor-$4.50; milk-$0.50

Competitive Foods Policy: USDA policy prohibits the following items to be served in the dining area during lunch. Our cafeteria will not provide these items. Please respect our policy and the other students by not placing similar items in lunches sent from home: carbonated beverages (soft drinks); chewing gum, candy.

Lunch charges- A la Carte items are not allowed to be charged

CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) forms:  Each family is required to complete the CEP form at the beginning of each school year. Please complete this form when you register your child and return immediately to the teacher or office staff.