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  Mission Statement  

Wolftever Creek Elementary School will ensure students learn at high levels and become successful life-long learners.

  About The School  



Wolftever Creek Elementary is a Hamilton County School serving students in grades Pre-K through 5th grade. Our enrollment is approximately 600 students.  Our school colors are red and white. Our school mascot is the wolf.

Wolftever Creek Elementary has a talented and experienced teaching and support staff vigorously working toward teaching needed skills and providing a positive and supportive climate for children to grow and learn. Our staff looks forward to building a relationship with each student and with each of you. With your encouragement and assistance, our goals for each student will become a reality.



  • We will be accountable for all student learning.
  • We will collaboratively use data to plan differentiated relevant instructions, assignments, and assessments.
  • We will maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • We will have consistently high behavioral and academic expectations.
  • We will consistently use data to drive instruction.


Wolftever Creek Elementary faculty and staff will collaborate to ensure high student achievement through differentiated instruction that lays a strong foundation through relevant, rigorous data-based instruction in a positive and safe environment. 


I will:

  • Give my best
  • Be kind with my words and actions
  • Take care of my school
  • Walk quietly in my school


Wolftever Creek Elementary (WCE) School currently serves two communities in Hamilton County: Ooltewah and East Brainerd Communities. The community of Ooltewah is an unincorporated farming community dating back into the last century, which has rapidly changed into a suburban area. East Brainerd is an unincorporated area of large suburbs bordering the city of Chattanooga. This area includes several Baptist Schools and several Seventh-Day Adventist schools.

Wolftever Creek Elementary School is a school that was previously named Ooltewah Intermediate. In August of 2000, WCE was designed to serve K-5 and a newly rezoned area. The feeder schools, Apison and Westview, would add a grade a year to include fourth and fifth grade. By 2002, they were a K-5 schools. Mountain Oaks Elementary was closed and was absorbed into Wolftever Creek Elementary.

Don Beard opened the school in 1988 and remained principal until December of 1995. Anna Stallings completed the school year. In 1996, Ralph Miller served as principal and remained when the school's name changed. He retired in June of 2001. Marcia Brashears was appointed to take his place and she retired in June of 2002. Ralph Fernandez was appointed to take her place and left in 2001. LeeAnn Mills was principal 2011-2012 school year. Penny Leffew became principal in the 2012-2013 school year and is the current principal.

To accommodate larger enrollment, a new wing was added in the year of 1999. This enabled the school to have three separate wings with K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 in the respective areas.

In the spring of 2016, the new additions to the school were started.  After construction is completed, the addition of new library, gym, computer lab, offices, and 14 new classes will be added to the building.